Becky is a Family Sleep Institute certified child sleep consultant, member of the International Association of Child Sleep Consultants, faculty at the Family Sleep Institute, and the founder of Snug as a Bug Pediatric Sleep Consulting. She works with families nationwide to establish healthy sleep habits and to help families get the sleep they need.   Becky is also a contributing child sleep expert for Bitta Kidda's Sleep Tips Corner. Through her experience working with clients and as a mother of two young children, Becky has firsthand knowledge of the importance that sleep plays in a child’s well-being, behavior, mood, and development, and in parents' patience with their children and in their relationships.  Just as you likely are, Becky was once at her wit's end with her then toddler son, who refused to stay in his bed at night.  Seeking the help of a certified child sleep consultant to make sense of all the differing opinions and strategies that are out there and having a plan on how best to move forward made all of the difference.  Sleep  impacts every aspect of our lives.  Once her son started going to bed without a fight and sleeping through the night within days of starting the sleep coaching, Becky knew that she too wanted to work with families to help them get the sleep they needed to feel human again and to get their lives back.  Sleep is worth it.

Becky's expert sleep advice has also been featured in local and national publications, such as Parent Guide News and San Francisco's The Portreo View.

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Meet Becky Roosevelt


"​We talk about Becky wherever we go, to whoever will listen!!! Becky has seriously given us our lives and sanity back and gotten us through some very dark times to the glorious light on the other side!  Our daughter is now a pretty consistently amazing sleeper and it has seriously given us a whole new outlook on the world and parenthood." - Sarah

Becky offers several sleep consulting packages to fit your family's needs and budget.  She creates a customized sleep plan that works best for your family philosophy, parenting style, and child's needs and provides ongoing support as you work together to reach your sleep goals for your child.

Services & Pricing

Becky works with families to  effectively address sleep

challenges, including:

-Sleeping through the night

-Waking up too early

-Bedtime battles

-Establishing nap schedules

-Nap transitions

-Moving from crib to bed

-Transitioning from co-sleeping

-Preparing for a new baby

-Coordinating multiples' schedule

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Snug as a Bug Pediatric Sleep Consulting

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Sleep is worth it.