What Becky's clients are saying:

​"Becky is a godsend! Whether you're in the throes of short naps, early wake ups, sleep regressions or just plain "oh-sweet-heavens-how-do-I-get-my-baby-to-sleep-more?!" exhaustion, Becky provides advice in a warm, supportive and non-judgmental way. She does not simply put Band-aids on sleep problems - she works hard to give you the confidence you need to follow through on establishing good, long-term sleep habits and patterns. I honestly don't know where my family would be without her and am so grateful for her help!" – Allie

​“Becky is a miracle worker! We asked for her help after our 5 month old gave up her Paci and was waking up every hour and not napping well during the day. Becky  really listened to our family needs and goals.  She is now sleeping through the night only waking once to nurse. We no longer feel like walking zombies during the day and our sweet little one is super happy! We highly recommend Becky to help solve your families sleep problems. She knows that all families and babies are not the same and works hard to create a sleep plan that will work for everyone.” - Ashley

"Parents, stop negotiating with yourselves and your sleep! Call Becky!Working with Becky was truly life changing for us when we were at the end of our rope. Our 8 month old baby had completely changed all of his sleeping (or lack there of) habits and was running the whole house! With Becky's guidance we gained the knowledge and confidence to get his sleep on track. Now ALL of our lives have improved tremendously! We are well rested and our baby is happy and developing rapidly. This is the best money we have ever spent." - Amy

 "We tried everything to get our six month old to sleep through the night. We were very skeptical about Becky being able to fix our situation. Incredibly by the third night, our son slept uninterrupted until morning. Now my wife and I have the sleep we've always dreamed of." - Andrew

"Becky's  detailed plan of action and empathetic coaching  helped us move from a disorderly schedule where everyone in the house was exhausted to a predictable routine where everyone - especially our little girl - is getting the sleep we need. We have our lives back!" – Carla

"The most valuable part I found in working with Becky was the back and forth Q&A, encouragement and support. Just having someone to talk to was invaluable. It gave us exactly what we needed to move forward with goals and structure." - Kristen

"We were at our wits' end with our 5-month-old's frequent night wakings, and needed a clear, organized sleep plan and some major cheerleading and coaching. Becky provided us with all of these things and more - empathy, humor, and realistic expectations for getting our little guy's sleep on track. Even at a distance and over email, we always felt we could get our questions answered and get additional support when we needed it after a tough night. Happily, he is down to waking up once at night, puts himself to sleep, and we are all sleeping so much better! Thank you so much, Becky!" - Caitlin

"Becky changed our lives! We tried off and on for years to get our 6-year-old daughter to go to sleep on her own and we would always give up. Becky spent the time to get to know our family, developed a custom plan for us and — most importantly — helped us stick with it. She is supportive of the whole family and helped us understand that we were doing a good thing for our daughter and for our marriage. Becky understands that life with kids is unpredictable and that things don’t always go smoothly. When we did, she would give us the guidance and motivation to get back on track. Becky is so supportive and she’s a born nurturer." - Pam

"Now our bedtime routine is always right on.  Most nights he lies down quietly, hugs his pillow, and tells us 'bye'."  - Caitlin

“I feel sooo much more rested and renewed not only from a good night’s sleep but also from having some down time each day.  I feel more relaxed and so does my baby. I finally feel like this stay at home mom gig is as nice, fun, and rewarding as I thought it should've been.  I cannot thank you enough for your help to get us here! I'm really enjoying being able to do things while the kids nap - things I had imagined I'd be able to do staying home that I was never able to do before.  I feel like I'm less stressed, a better mom, a better wife, and a better me. Thank you for this priceless gift you gave our family!!!” - Becky

"Thanks to Becky we have a little boy who sleeps from 6-6 and is so much happier!!!!  We couldn't be more pleased with how Becky helped us to transform this crazy life we were leading into a much more ordered and structured one regarding his sleep!!!" - Noreene

"Becky restored order and sanity to our household! Our son had entered the dreaded 4-month sleep regression and my husband and I were more exhausted than when he was a newborn. Becky provided us with a plan and gave us the confidence to see it through, as well as tips for the next few months. Thanks to her, our son is only waking once in the night and has stopped his early morning wake-ups. Becky is caring, thorough, empathetic, and very knowledgeable. We highly, highly recommend her!" - Michele


Parents have experienced amazing results working with Becky and witness what a big difference minor adjustments to their child’s schedule can do!  In just a short amount of time your child can be sleeping through the night and you'll be feeling human again. Isn't it time?Isn't sleep worth it?
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